25 November 2014



Home and Delicious apartments are soon to be ready. Well, they are almost ready as you can probably see, but for me we just started layering and we need a tad more for the feeling we would like to present. I really wanted to see how the shell was working and the first feeling of everything in it before doing much more. We had already got some nice things but not enough for my taste and that's what we're working on now.
These photos by Gunnar show the apartment on the ground floor in the main building. There we have one main bedroom for two persons and one slightly smaller also for two persons. Fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with a tub and big shower and a living room.
As we haven't yet started to advertise the apartments for rent on some travelling sites, we are more than willing to answer all questions from people interested in staying there. Just send us an email on:


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24 November 2014



Recently a new delicatessen was opened in our neighbourhood. Which is great as it was desperately needed. It's in an old building, the space was cleared, designed and renovated in the same spirit as the age of the house tells. The design company HAF put their name on the design. The delicatessen named Kjöt og fiskur (meat and fish), is owned by great basketball players, very well known, and their friend who happens to be a baketball coach, so no surprise my husband (the photographer and the basketball coach) is going to be a regular customer!

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19 November 2014



I always feel so intrigued when seeing and finding lovely homes to show you on Home and Delicious. This one via Architectural Digest Spain is in that category. It's just so one of a kind and filled with amazing interior ideas. Just look very closely at each image to see all the details. Enjoy! 

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17 November 2014



A modern problem I'm constantly asked about; how can the tv looks good in our home? My answer is hide/camouflage/make the tv a part of the style at home. The smart-tv is thin and ultra light and it's really no problem making it look good and a part of the look. Make it a part of a gallery wall, use the tv-stand and display objects and books around it and it makes the wonder to paint the wall behind the tv in dark colour. The photos following can hopefully give you some ideas when solving that problem at home! 

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13 November 2014



Almost a year ago we travelled to Stockholm with our daughters. It was such a lovely trip before christmas and I can't hardly imagine a city more x-massy. We had an amazing time and a huge part of it was the hotel we were so lucky to stay in, Scandic Grand Central. When travelling with kids not older than five or six, you can't expect them to have the energy to walk around all day and a big part of the journey becomes the place you're staying in. It actually happened that our girls loved the hotel so, so much that they just wanted to be there! 
We posted some photos of the hotel when we were there and when Gunnar was searching his computer few days ago he found some more picks he had shot. They are true interior photos and really worth posting as Scandic Grand Hotel is a hotel you can "steal" some great ideas for your own home. But if going to Stockholm, we surely recommend you staying there for a pleasurable trip, and  it's also a time worth spending relaxing indoors! MORE PHOTOS WHEN CLICKING THE READ MORE BUTTON BELOW. 


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12 November 2014



That's quite an interesting post. The same apartment decorated in dark, semi dark and white by three different designers and stylists. A Swedish real estate agency,  Fastighetsbyran, got the designers to decorate the apartment their way and the version I'm showing you is by the Swedish designer Hans Blomquist. As a person on the dark side and also fond of his work, I chose to post his apartment but for you to see all three and the difference between them, click on the link down below in the post. 

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10 November 2014



I thought I should close this talking about layers and layering by posting some great photos of vignettes. They are true layering projects. You are arranging smaller objects for a display to be a part  of the whole. The finishing touches in making a space work is all in the details and should never, ever be underestimated. 


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