21 October 2014



…Ikea Senior Casserole. We highly recommend that casserole as we've used it to pieces for over a year. We have it in blue but I love it in this light colored tone and wouldn't mind having more pieces in the collection. We like to slow cook in it and it's easy to use it in the oven or on the stove. 

20 October 2014



Plaid coats – what's not to love? I really, really like and love these two coats. My opinion about outerwear in plaid and color block is that it makes the outfit when you're dressed in a simple way and your style is plain and not super colorful. Alexa Chung is in Tommy Hilfiger and the other one I would be curious to know more of.



It's a winter brake in schools in Reykjavík these days. We headed north in our cottage to spend some time there as it has been too long since we were there due to the family moving. It can't be  more cozy as the first snow storm is blowing outside but still not as much as it was supposed to be. Inside we hear the wind blowing and candles have been lit, pancakes baked and now the stew is in the pot slow cooking. Probably we are preparing mentally for the winter as it's almost officially there (says the icelandic calendar) and we can't think of no better way than going to the country. Undeniably it's kind of christmassy and Kaja wanted some pepperkager to get the feeling. As we have a tiny bit of white snow, it's november soon and getting really dark – we will welcome the season till Christmas with all it's togetherness, fairy lights, holiday food and drink. More photos below if you click the Read more button.

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15 October 2014




As I've told you before, I always bookmark the homes and home visits I find interesting on my trip around the internet. And as I haven't posted as often as I wish recently (our house seems to need a lot of care and it needs our time like a baby) I decided to show you five homes this time I've bookmarked from some grate bloggers I always follow on Bloglovin (you'll find the source by clicking the photos). Then you'll have some more reading to do! I think all these homes are really inspiring in its own and different way and that you might find something nice for your own home to steal. Notice that by clicking the photos you'll see the whole home visit. You can also click the number.

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13 October 2014



Clear blue sky this time of the year in Iceland equals IT'S TIME TO PUT ON A WARM SWEATER. As it's not raining as the last few weeks, or months, or since May maybe...it's cold outside but really lovely. I often wonder how it is in California for example, where the weather and temperature is always 20 plus and all the cool autumn and winter clothes hit the stores. There is almost no need for most of it. But I would choose the climate rather than the clothes I guess! These cozy sweaters are some I've fallen for and would have a great need for...all year round as I'm in Iceland. 

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10 October 2014

habitat for 50 years: HOME SWEET HOME


Habitat is celebrating it's 50 years. They do it with utmost respect for the brand's concept design and the thoughts of the founder Sir Terence Conran. New and old design is embraced and combines in the thinking of creating a personal habitat due to your lifestyle. 
I have to admit that I have always had interest in the brand. At young age I really loved taking a walk through the Habitat store in Reykjavík and I still have the first piece my parents gave me from there. Me and Gunnar decorated our first pad with a lot of stuff from Habitat and through the years we've had our furnitures from Habitat following us „every step we take". When we moved into our new home recently we changed the old Habitat sofa for a new one, one that I really love. 

But did the visionary Terence Conran realise back in 1964 that he was laying the foundations for a
brand new way of living in the “home sweet home” that is every Englishman’s castle? Read more down below.

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08 October 2014




Yes, that's what we've been up to. We've been renewing, working, dreaming, creating, designing an old house for months. We've moved into that house. And now we're soon to widen out our Home and Delicious concept with three rental apartments in this amazing building we're living in in downtown Reykjavík. 
The apartments will be for short or long term rent. Two of them are in the same building we're living in and one is in a separate house in the enclosed back yard garden. The small house was built in 1926 and the main building in 1928. We've been renewing and designing the house and the apartments with luxurious simplicity in mind and lived in and relaxed aesthetic – something that Home and Delicious stands for. 
The apartments are for people longing and loving to stay in a warm and welcoming place while enjoying their trip to Iceland. Surely we've are giving all our love to that house and we hope that our dream will make your dreams come true with a memorable stay in Reykjavík. If interested in staying in the apartments while in Reykjavík, be in touch through email (info@homeanddelicious.com). 

The apartments will soon be ready and following are some photos Gunnar shot few hours ago. The shell is ready, the furniture are in but the decoration and layering part is about to start. 

Photos by Gunnar / Home and Delicious

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