29 May 2015



This is such a good dish! You should try it. Pulled pork served in a baked sweet potato with pickled vegetable and sour cream. Pulled pork and pickled veg takes some time to cook BUT not for you to make. The pork should be in the oven for some hours, but it takes you minutes to prepare. The same goes for the veg. The originality of this dish is from a nice restaurant in London we like to visit when we're there, Muriel's kitchen. Once we had it there and when back home we searched on the web to put together some recipe for it. The recipe following is the one we use when making it for our family. Enjoy! 

27 May 2015



Books are essential in every home, beautiful, entertaining and educational. After reading they can have multifunctional purpose as this home in California shows. Books are everywhere and used as decoration, to add hight, add layers – they can be found in various sort of places, but very few of them in bookshelves. So are magazines. This is a home where details are embraced in a flowing space and personal objects and vintage finds make the difference.

22 May 2015



Flowers add colours to a room. 
Have a colourful weekend. 

20 May 2015



Accurate ideas of where to put plants in your home. They can be anywhere really, but the photos show some great places and how to master it with various types of plants. It's easy to find your  plant-category; soft or succulent, big or small, hanging from the ceiling or standing on the floor. Also if you like many of the in a cluster or one on it's own. It all depends. 

19 May 2015



Though in Toscana, Italy, we can grab a thing from here and there all over this home visit to use for ourself, isn't it? (Though in Toscana...understatement – who wouldn't steal the Toscana's scenery!) This holiday home of Marieke and Mark van Kruisjbergen is near the town of Montalcino. It looks fresh and simple in the white shell but warm and tender through strong textural features. For me it's the use of the rough greyish-brown wood boards and concrete floors that made me stop and look at first. I have special interest in both materials and really like the owner's way of using it and how they let it stand out without anything else competing for interest...except the landscape! 

15 May 2015



Dark bedrooms – could be the saviour you need during the bright nights period as we have here in Iceland. When you feel not like sleeping because it's almost like a bright day. And you have trouble sleeping because of the light in your room and... I could keep on going, as I know resting in a dark bedroom is the most wonderful thing ever! I will never turn back from this peaceful serenity dark bedrooms are. Sleeping in the dark and then embrace the daylight when you wake up. And during the darkest weeks when you light up your room with soothing lamps and the room is the cosiest ever. Be open minded about the dark-side of the...bedroom. 

12 May 2015



I found the last puzzle! Recently I posted a photo of the small, old school desk beside the fireplace (photo no 3) and mentioned it was one of my favourite interior photos. Then I found a photo of the other part of this amazing living room and noticed it was the same room. And then, the photo with the big rice-paper lamp, which is also one of my favourite, was in this same house and then...and then... It is all the home of Amanda Harlech in Shropshire England. As a big lover of the English countryside, I'm also a big lover of this house. The photos are far away from being new, but it so really doesn't matter. The style is impeccable, personal, and super chic all the way. By the way; Amanda is a creative consultant and a writer and well known for being muse to Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano. 

11 May 2015



Overall, I like overalls! I bought one overall from Jackpot when I was probably 12 or 13, and believe it or not...I've kept it till this day. Now my Lea has started to use it. It's quite similar to the overall Alexa Chung is wearing on a photo below. Usually I don't think so much about what suits your age. I think it's just something up to you and how you want to dress yourself and present yourself. But when it comes to overalls, I consider me and my age period more into jumpsuits, similar to what Christy Turlington is wearing below. But the reason why I might think that, is probably because when your eleven year old daughter want to dress in an overall (and you six year old too) you feel it's their time overall and you've jumped into next period that suit you better! 

07 May 2015



Gunnar Sverrisson / Home and Delicious

American dream in a dip! It has been kind of a mission for me to make a real spinach- and artichoke dip. After reading many recipes and study it a bit this one is the result. It's a dip you dream of when you have the dip-urge. It's suitable for a party, a friday night in, birthdays...just anything. The recipe is quite big but I recommend you make it all and put some in the freezer for later on dip cravings! 

06 May 2015



When taking a mini break to a place like London, you want to really make the most of your time and to avoid lengthy searches for somewhere interesting, different and worthwhile to go. Hence all suggestions and advice is thankfully taken. What we have done the last two times we've been in the city is visiting the Cloth House – a world classed textile shop. Many may wonder what they would do in a shop like this while on a short city break but you won’t regret having a look around Cloth House (isn't textile what makes your home warm and cozy?). It comprises of two stores situated close to one another and each specializing in certain fabrics. Cotton and linen are the main varieties in the store where these photographs are taken. The extraordinary selection makes your imagination run away with you to places where these beautiful materials from all over the world become pillows, tablecloths, blankets…

47 og 98 Berwick Street Soho

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